Wedding Secrets Part 1. Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Singer

I thought it would be an excellent idea to get my very best wedding professional friends to share some of their top tips of how to get the very best from their particular service, so this first one in the series is supplied by the very wonderful Howard Wing Wedding Singer Extrodinaire......


Here are Howard Wing's tips on hiring and getting the best out of your wedding entertainment.

TIP 1. Book Directly with the Artist

It's much better to deal with the artist directly rather than booking through an agent or company.

Reasons why

You can get to know your artist personally.
You will be cutting out the middleman.
You will get a better picture of what they do.

You will get a better more personal service including private consultations etc.

You will build up a nice relationship before the event ensuring a relaxed atmosphere on the day.

Howard Wing performing (Image Courtesy of Jonny Draper)

TIP 2. Homework

If you have an artist in mind do some homework on them. Ask other suppliers or friends if they have seen them perform and get their feedback.

Google them.

Check the Internet, most artists have a website that will give details of their service, quite often a naff website can mean a naff artist.

TIP 3. Website.

What to look for on their site?

Demo music is a must so you can hear how they sound.
Video clips are also good so you can see the act performing

Look for feedback or testimonials from past clients, this is the service history of the act. Would you buy a car without service history? If you do you risk the car not being reliable, it's the same when booking singers.

Howard Wing performing (Image Courtesy of Jonny Draper)TIP 4. Volume Levels and Professionalism (Important)

If you are bringing in an artist to perform during the wedding breakfast (recommended) it is extremely important to make sure they set their volume levels correct. The last thing you want is to blast the ears off your guests! They should be professional enough to know how to handle this situation.

It's not their day, it's yours, they are there to enhance the day, not dominate it.

This point is important and needs consideration, an inexperienced artist could get this wrong and risk messing up a crucial part of your day.

Tony Benedict performing (image Courtesy of Jonny Draper)TIP 5. How to Book

If you like what you see on their site get in contact and ask for a brochure or demo CD.

Once you are happy with the site, brochure and demo CD the best thing to do is arrange a meeting.

When you meet up listen to what they are offering and have some questions ready.

Questions to ask.

1. How long have you been singing?
2. Terms of booking i.e deposits etc
3. Do you come with your own PA music system
4. Ask about volume levels
5. Ask if they have liability insurance, some venues won't accept artists without it.
6 Ask if their equipment is Pat tested (electrical safety test)


Don't be afraid to barter, you could end up with a better deal. This is another reason to book direct.

Everything is negotiable.

Paul Guard Performing That’s it; these tips are designed to help you on your quest to creating a fantastic wedding day.

By employing these tips you will be one step ahead and have confidence that you are bringing in quality on the biggest day of your life.

Good Luck

Best Wishes

Howard Wing

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