Send Her Flowers

I know – you’re rolling your eyes right now. You don’t want a chick telling you to buy flowers for your girlfriend or wife. You know about the flower-thing, right?
Then why aren’t you having flowers sent to us more often?!

Just think about when a woman in the office receives flowers – all the other ladies in the office huddle around her to ask her who they’re from, why they were sent, and to ooh and ahh. What can I say – we love the attention and we love when our fellow women swoon over what a nice guy we have.

My husband didn’t send me flowers until almost nine years after we met – sure, he had spoiled me in other ways, but I had never had flowers delivered to me. For my 27th birthday he had flowers sent to my work, and, in typical girly fashion, the women of the office gathered around to “ahh” as I read them the card. I felt really special... to know after all these years that he wanted to do something like that for me meant a lot. He could have run over my dog that morning and the flowers would have made everything all better. (OK, maybe I shouldn’t oversell the value of sending your girlfriend flowers, but it can fix a lot!)

Maybe you’re avoiding this act of kindness because you have ulterior motives – you don’t want to set a precedence so she starts expecting flowers all the time. Well I say "BAH!" That’s a lame excuse to not do something that I am telling you would make your girlfriend’s day.

Sending a bouquet of flowers costs what, $40-50? It’s not an overly-expensive purchase, and you don’t have to make any difficult decisions – just tell the florist to put together their most beautiful arrangement and name your budget. They can always find something to throw together for your other half. Go with a corny sentiment in the card (“thinking of you” or “you’ve been on my mind”).

If you want to really go the extra mile, order her some of our fantastic chocolate truffles – trust me, you’ll get even MORE bonus points because these go beyond flowers. It’s something she can share with her colleagues (making them love you even more).

So do it... right now. Call Carey’s Flowers 413-536-0444 or go on-line to your local florist and send a bouquet to your girl. Do it for no apparent reason other than “you’re thinking of her” (not because I’m telling you to in this article). Also try it on a Monday – it will start her week off on the right foot, and she’ll be showing her appreciation straight through untill the long weekend.

Stop waiting for some momentous occasion (like forgetting her birthday or actually running over her dog) to send her an arrangement of pretty flowers. Heed my corny advice and send her a bouquet. (Then you can send me some flowers to thank me – I love daisies!)
Good luck boys,
Carey's Flower Chick

The Glorious Wedding Day of Heather & Ben Bancroft at Mitton Hall

Well this wedding really was a long time in coming, we'd first spoken to the lovely Heather nearly three years ago, I am so going to miss our meetings, phone calls and email discussions, and though Jason hadn't "allocated me" to deliver this wedding I wasn't going to miss it for the world even if it did mean a midnight finish back at FD HQ that night!

I love this bit!

Oh Yeh and this bit! How fabulous do these girls look!

Lynne's Handbag dressed with fresh Lily of the Valley, Rolled Rose Petals and Germini Petals

Lynne (Heather's gorgeous Mum) looking quite fabulous

Heather's wedding bouquet

Completed with a family heirloom vintage brooch

I love this blousy pink and ivory wedding bouquet, I included David Austin's Miranda & Patience, Fresh Lily of the Valley, Avalanche & Sweet Avalanche Roses and delicious powder puff Hydrangeas

The Bride's Father's Boutonniere of Sweet Avalanche & Pink Hydrangea

The Groom's special Boutonniere of Lily of the Valley, Miranda and a little sprig of Heather just for Heather the Bride Ben appeared uber cool

The scene was set in the ceremony Room with candles and tiny posies of fresh Roses & Hydrangeas

Mitton Hall is quite spectacular check out their website there's an amazing virtual tour

Steve and Stephanie from Ashton Photography were in charge of the photography and I for one can't wait to see their fabulous work

The Bridesmaid's

Stephanie Ashton from the wonderful Ashton Photography

Amnesia Rose

Huge and ginormous congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Bancroft

Dave from the fabulous Mitton Hall was all ready with the Champers for the Bride & Groom

The table designs were simple and elegant, glass candle sticks surrounded by tiny "iddy Biddy" posies of fresh Roses & Hydrangeas

Jeremy & Erica you may remember their wedding from a little while back here's the link to some fabulous Ashton Photography Images.

This was such a fun wedding filled with lots of Love and Laughter I really didn't want to go back to work afterwards but needs must! many, many thanks to Heather & Ben for choosing Flower Design to create their wedding flowers!

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