Becky & Adam Atkinson's Magical Wedding Day at St Peter's Church Stonyhurst & The Gibbon Bridge Hotel

Delivering the wedding bouquets is both nerve racking and exciting, my gorgeous Brides have very high expectations and I want nothing more than to exceed them...Becky was so thrilled and I couldn't have been happier, this wedding was so important to me (They all are to be fair) but this family particularly, deserved everything to be perfect and it was!
And I even got a hug
I used lots of fabulous fragrance in the bridal Bouquet, with David Austin Roses (This was a bit of a theme you'll see later on the table names) and fresh scented herbs, Sweet Peas, Peonies, Hydrangeas and Blackberries.

Becky's gorgeous Mum Colette's corsage of Moth Orchids, Oregano Flowers and Diamantes which complimented her jacket beautifully

Then we were off to the majestic surroundings of Stonyhurst College, St Peter's Church is to the right of the photograph
Adam, Becky's super handsome groom, I designed a beautiful boutonniere of Lily of the Valley, Rose, Hydrangea & Oregano

The Grooms Men all were wearing Avalanche Roses

Sharon the Groom's Mum

We arranged two huge pedestal designs to flank the altar, I included Delphiniums, Roses, Hydrangeas, Peonies and a plethora of garden style foliages

St Peter's is a glorious church caverness inside with really high ceilings and a very grand altar.


On the pews we placed posies of Hydrangeas and Sweet Peas

I love hats and this gentlemen bought his hat for his own wedding and always makes a point of wearing it to all the weddings he's invited to!

Adam looking very cool and collected

You may recognise this lovely couple they were married last September here's a link to their magical day
The Bridesmaids bouquets in soft shades of Pinks and lavenders toned exquisitely with the pale green of the Bridesmaids gowns

Colette looked wonderful

A very Proud Dad Chris the Brides very lovely
FatherBecky looked so exquisite her gown was completely perfect for her

Kisses for Chris

The Priest (Cousin of the Bride) was really fabulous I thoroughly enjoyed his sermon
Laura from Lawsons Photography, their blog posting for this wedding is delicious check it out, I've put a link in at the end of this posting.
Huge congratulations to this wonderful couple from all the events team at Flower Design

The lovely David Austin Roses looked glorious as the day progressed and they opened up and showed us their hearts

Becky & Our ZoeOne Voice Choir entertained us beautifully throughout the service and afterwards outside Church

Then we were off to the fabulous Gibbon Bridge where Richard and his brilliant team looked after everyone superbly as ever. Gibbon Bridge is a very special venue set in the most beautiful gardens, the food and service are absolutely faultless!

The tables were decorated with a combination of Birdcages and Hand Tied Posies

All of the table names had really lovely "Rose" Quotations a lovely accompaniment to all the lovely Roses we'd used

The top table again was dominated by luscious David Austin Roses and other English Garden Flowers

Round Bird cages with small hand tied posies within the cage and butterflies all around

Blue Curiosa Roses and Dahlias

The top table had one of the lovely Church Pedestals placed just behind it and two beautiful little Birdcages on either side of the traditional top table arrangement.

Jason & I had the most wonderful day with these lovely families last weekend, we are so grateful to them for choosing Flower Design to create their wedding Flowers and to be part of such a very special family day!


Here's a link to Lawsons Photography Blog

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