Marion & Mark's Beautifully Delicate Pink Wedding at St John the Divine & Lytham Hall

I have been looking forward to this wedding for nearly two years, I first met Marion & Mark at Lytham Hall when we were involved in their open day, I was lucky enough to show these two lovely people around the Hall, at this point they hadn't decided upon a date or a venue, they thankfully fell in love with Lytham Hall at first viewing and as they say...the rest is history...So Marion, Sarah & Leanne were all ready (apart from the frocks) when I arrived to present their bridal bouquets...

We did the little FD wedding bouquet holding lesson

Marion and her girls are all so petite, so when we were designing her bridal bouquet, we decided on lots of really dainty blooms; Lily of the Valley, Sweet Peas, Stephanotis, Miniature Rose buds, Freesia and Mini Peonies, as you'll see later Marion was wearing a fabulous gown so the bouquet needed to be in proportion and with such grand venues at St John's and Lytham Hall it was essential that the bouquet wasn't too diminutive.

I loved the range of pinks and the delicacy of the flower choice, perfect for the lovely Marion

St John the Divine on the Green at Lytham, just facing the windmill was our next port of call...

We'd arranged beautiful pedestal designs of Delphiniums, Roses, Dahlias, Hydrangeas and trails of Passion FlowerOn the end of each alternate Pew we arranged posies of Miniature Sweet Evelyn Roses & Gracia Creme Roses together with clouds of fragrant Sweet Peas

The Groom's special Boutonniere of "Purple Rain" Freesia, Sweet Avalanche Roses and Sweet Evelyn and Fresh Rosemary
The Groom's Men were wearing Sweet Avalanche Rose Boutonniere'sSpecial lady guests were presented with simple elegant Calla Lily corsages to tone with their ensembles
Special gents were presednted with simple ivory Avalanche Rose Boutonnieres
Mark arrived early (given his Irish heritage we were all surprised including himself)

The Groom's lovely Mum Elizabeth's corsage of David Austin's Darcy Rose, Freesia and Rose buds, it's fragrance was delicious Mark looking seriously handsome
Discussing with the fabulous organist various Irish tunes he intended to play during the signing of the register, he played "Londonderry Air" so exquisitely!

How chilled do these two look

The two lovely Mum's
Michael from Fresh Photography was so lovely all day, keeping everyone relaxed and calm, can't wait to see his images, I'm certain they'll be fabulous!
Roland & Linda just happened to be sat on the bench outside church at 2:25 and thought they'd just stay to see the bride arrive (the wedding was at 2:30 and they were still waiting at 3:10) and we all decided that it was well worth the wait though when she finally arrived at 3:15 looking totally stunning!
First though the Bridesmaids arrival...
The Bridesmaid's were just gorgeous, a vision in pink.

The Bridesmaids Bouquets were in shades of pale pink and deep pink with highlights in ivory, I used Sweet Peas, Roses and Freesia

Marion was completely breathtaking

Huge & Ginormous congratulations to the lovely Marion & Mark from everyone here at Flower Design

Team Rowley's; Ben, Dan, Dec and Matt were all doing a marvelous job at Lytham Hall looking after this gorgeous family

The reception was held in the Upper West Wing

This really was a thoroughly lovely wedding, huge thanks to Marion & Mark for choosing us to create their wedding flowers

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