Evita & Citizen Smith

Last night we went to see Evita at The Grand Theatre, it was fabulous, we thoroughly enjoyed our selves, it's on until Saturday and so absolutely worth going to.

There were lots of lovely people in the audience too The Thorp’s, The Greensmith’s, The Oxley’s and The Smith, Mark is on his own, Claire has gone out to New Zealand to visit Ben.

Now we all adore Mark (in small doses of course) but the Mark Smith of last evening was a much subdued character, he’s I think, fretful, by association so are we, because this new Mark is much more serious, much less tiresome. I’d like to think the fact that he remained in his seat, awake throughout the entire performance last night was down to the sheer brilliance of the cast, undoubtedly true but seriously unlikely. Jason & I have been to some incredible theatre with Mark we've seen Bob Hoskins, Kristen Scott Thomas to name but two, he’s been up, down, fidgeting and generally being a nuisance or alternatively fast asleep in his seat, both versions are equally unnerving.

Annoying though the usual Mark is at least you know where you stand, you know what you’re dealing with, last night was the first time in our twenty year relationship that he’s ever arrived on time, leaving me no time to apply lipstick etc.

He is a changed man, in three weeks he appears to have lost weight, there are a few more grey hairs, he just isn’t our Mark the one we’ve all grown to know and love.

Come Back Claire!!! There never ever was any doubt of how much Mark loves Claire and thank goodness she’ll be back next week and we just can’t wait, there are Birthday’s to celebrate, my only worry is, what if she arrives back having also lost weight all super skinny and gorgeous, which beggars the question why do some women always look better when they are in love and missing their beau? Where as I just look more cuddly!

Flower Design Events Programme Winter Spring 2009 -2010

If you would like a beautiful printed version of our programme please send Jess an e-mail and she'll pop one in the post to you jessica@flowerdesign.co.uk
Click on any of the pages to enlarge them and get a better view

The Number One Flower Design Supper Club 2009/2010

The Number One Flower Design Supper Club 2009/2010
Oh this is all very exciting we are really thrilled to invite you to our Fylde/World famous Supper Club 2009/10…

For those of you who may not have heard of these spectacular events let me share our little secret with you, these events are held at “Number One South Beach” on a Wednesday & Thursday evening every other winter month beginning in November, we do some seriously creative themed demonstrations in between Chef Mark’s fabulously themed and equally creative food.

We always have some special Musical Treats and surprises to tickle your fancy!

These evenings are intimate and relaxed, with no more than 40 guests so everyone has a great view and can be totally interactive if they like. The evening works something like this...

· 7:00 pm Arrival and Champagne Reception with Chef Mark’s delicious canap├ęs (he has a whole new and brilliant selection for this year)
· 7:45 pm Our first and glorious flower demonstration of the evening.
8:00 pm Starters are served
· 8:30 pm Our second stupendous masterpiece is created before your eyes
· 8:45 pm Your Fish Course is presented
· 9:00 pm Our third flower design is beautifully constructed.
· 9:15 pm Delicious main course is set before you.
· 9:45 pm Our fourth and final extravaganza is brought to life.
· 10:00 pm Perfect Puddings
· 10:15pm The raffle is drawn with proceeds to Trinity Hospice
· 10:30-11:00 Time to chat and home.

All of this for the still seriously amazing price of £30.00 inclusive of Champagne Reception, 5 course dinner & amazing flower demonstration.


18th & 19th November 2009 “Christmas Creations” Superb Christmas designs with exquisite Beautiful Christmas music provided by Nicola Howard (Soprano) & Peter Jebson TBC

27th & 28th January 2010 “Romance is in the Air” Elegant Spring floral confections with a Romantic twist. Paul Guard will be romancing us all with some fabulous soul tunes

3rd & 4th March 2010 “The Wedding of the Year” A full and fabulous wedding complete with hats, cake and nuptials. Wedding Gowns from Dreamcatcher Bridal, crikey who could as for more, oh yeh I know...

The ultimate wedding singer "Howard Wing"

So if you would like to Book all you have to do is send me a cheque for the full amount £30.00 per ticket made payable to:- Number One South Beach. The numbers are limited so please email me to reserve them as soon as possible jane@flowerdesign.co.uk

Gill & Michael Morris's Magical Wedding Day at St John Vianney Church in Blackpool & Lytham Hall

Now this couple are really special, I know everyone is special but these two are extra special.

We met them both last winter when their plans were just beginning to develop, and then we met again a couple of months later at Lytham Hall's open day and the rest as they say is history, they loved the hall, they loved Paul Rowley (I mean who doesn't?), we introduced them to Stewy Vuitton hairdresser extrodinaire and of course the lovely Jane from Pure Beauty.

On the day I was as always very excited, however my excitement hardly registered in comparison to Gill's oh so lovely Mum, she was positively giddy.

Even in her dressing gown Gill looked stunning, Jane had just finished the make up and Stewy was doing finishing touches to the hair.
The totally lovely Chris & Gail from the Astbury Studio in Poulton completed the "A Team"
Ruth & Kate practised holding their bouquets which were luscious posies of Roses, Cardifolium and berries, surrounded by dancing umbrella ferns.I included quite a range of shades in these bouquets but as you'll see later with their gowns they really needed to be bold.
Gill's Mum was a vision of loveliness in lavender, Rosie made her an exquisite deep purple Calla Lily Corsage to compliment her ensemble

The bouquet I created for Gill was in a “Flower Design” hand tied style with Mango Calla Lilies, Quick Sand Roses, Vendella Roses, Cardifoluium, Viburnum Opulus Berry, Skimmea, Nuts Berries and trails of fragrant Jasmine, herbs and Grasses.
The bouquet was finished with lace from the bridal gown bound around the handle and fixed with pearls.
Stewy from S & P Hair placed all of the fresh flowers in the hair of the lovely Bridesmaids.
The very beautiful Rachael wore a halo style head dress created by Rosie. Then we were off to St John Vianney in Blackpool
We had two huge pedestal arrangements created by Shirl & Vicky to place on
either side of the ceremony space.And Clusters of Leonotis, Callas & Roses on the end of each alternate pew

Michael arrived early and I pinned his Groom's special Calla Lily Boutonniere on to his lapel

Rachael carried a basket of fresh rose petals, the handle of the basket was dressed with tiny florets and buds to match her head dress.
Ruth & Kate looked quite fabulous.

Gill and her lovely Dad arrived in a Cloud's Cars Roller

Chris Astbury is such a Gentlemen, one of those very proper people you feel very fortunate to be able to call a friend, I can't wait to see his photographs.

I know the table looks like it's on the Titanic but this is what happens when florists take photos!
Hugest and most massive Congratulations to Gill & Mike we wish you every happiness from all of the team at Flower Design.
The rather grand celebrations moved to Lytham Hall where the wedding breakfast was served in The Gold Room
Ben Glover from Rowley's doing the final check
Gill is such an elegant lady and her gown was the perfect choice for her she looked timeless

The table designs were a mass of vibrant colour, luscious blooms and autumnal fruits, guordes, Chinese Lanterns and Crab Apples.

Rowley's autumn canapes, "Wild Mushrooms & Gruyere Cheese" Delicious

The Pew End posies moved to the staircase Classic Ensembles provided the musical entertainment and were as ever wonderful
Gill & Mike thank you so much for choosing Flower Design for your wedding flowers we were honoured to be involved.
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