Flower Design Events Team is Recruiting...

We have just had the very best wedding season ever, with bookings up for next season by 30%
As a result we need to make our team a little bigger...

We're looking for a PA for me, with brilliant organisational skills, a good knowledge of computer systems (As I have none) including Excel, Access and Word. This person needs to be pretty special, a bit eccentric, not arty, a bit bossy, tidy and bloody well organised. A good sense of humour is also essential!

We are also looking for florists, I always prefer enthusiasm, a love of flowers, Creativity, tidyness and a passion for pleasing people above all else, we can teach you the rest.

So if either of these positions appeal please send me or Sally an e-mail jane@flowerdesign.co.uk I probably won't reply until Monday now as Weddings are calling me but Sally is in the office tomorrow if you would prefer to give her a call on 01253 724100.
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