Evita & Citizen Smith

Last night we went to see Evita at The Grand Theatre, it was fabulous, we thoroughly enjoyed our selves, it's on until Saturday and so absolutely worth going to.

There were lots of lovely people in the audience too The Thorp’s, The Greensmith’s, The Oxley’s and The Smith, Mark is on his own, Claire has gone out to New Zealand to visit Ben.

Now we all adore Mark (in small doses of course) but the Mark Smith of last evening was a much subdued character, he’s I think, fretful, by association so are we, because this new Mark is much more serious, much less tiresome. I’d like to think the fact that he remained in his seat, awake throughout the entire performance last night was down to the sheer brilliance of the cast, undoubtedly true but seriously unlikely. Jason & I have been to some incredible theatre with Mark we've seen Bob Hoskins, Kristen Scott Thomas to name but two, he’s been up, down, fidgeting and generally being a nuisance or alternatively fast asleep in his seat, both versions are equally unnerving.

Annoying though the usual Mark is at least you know where you stand, you know what you’re dealing with, last night was the first time in our twenty year relationship that he’s ever arrived on time, leaving me no time to apply lipstick etc.

He is a changed man, in three weeks he appears to have lost weight, there are a few more grey hairs, he just isn’t our Mark the one we’ve all grown to know and love.

Come Back Claire!!! There never ever was any doubt of how much Mark loves Claire and thank goodness she’ll be back next week and we just can’t wait, there are Birthday’s to celebrate, my only worry is, what if she arrives back having also lost weight all super skinny and gorgeous, which beggars the question why do some women always look better when they are in love and missing their beau? Where as I just look more cuddly!

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