Sonya & Ben Hynes' Spectacular Manchester Art Gallery Winter Wedding

We've known Ben for many, many years and Sonya for slightly less years, but it really was our honour and privilige to be asked to create their bridal flowers...

Sonya's wedding bouquet was inspired by the fabulous still life oil paintings in gilt frames at Manchester Art Gallery the venue for their splendid wedding

We included Mokara Dinisii Orchids, Phalaenopsis Orchids in three shades, Fresh Lily of the Valley, Passion Roses, Mimi Eden spray Roses and lots of berries in Sonya's wedding bouquet that was framed within a golden filigree frame

The marriage ceremony was to take place in the Valette & Lowry Gallery

Katarina was putting the finishing touches to the Registrars table design whilst the chair covers were being put on.

We used fabulous Smilax and Vanda Orchids, Cymbidium & Phalaenopsis Orchids in the FD Ghost Trees
The Glass Bridge that connects the galleries and is above the area where the reception was to be held, was dressed with fabulous swags of contorted willow, Paphiopedilum Orchids, trails of Hoya, Leucospernum and all sorts of loveliness
This space really does inspire great design

The Uber handsome Groom Ben
Ben was wearing a very special FD Filigree Boutonniere of Lily of the Valley, Passion Rose, Skimmia and Mokora Dinisii

Ben & Rob (The Best Man) and the completely lovely and talented Christopher Holmes Photographer from Kendal

The Registrars table garland incorporated fresh Olive, Smilax, Roses, Orchids, Ranunculas, the colours were rich and vibrant in direct contrast with the paintings

Hair flowers
A simple Phalaenopsis Orchid Boutonniere

Two lovely ladies complete with Phalaenopsis Corsages
The Bride arrived looking heavenly
Sonya swept in she looked so relaxed and totally
elegantThe two Registrars Natalie & Joe
Two beautiful Bridesmaids wearing black gowns and carrying smaller verions of the Bridal Bouquet

Chris Holmes at work, we really can't wait to see his work, I know it's going to be fabulous!!!

Huge Congratulations to the very happy couple

The dining tables were dressed with a combination of designs, the fabulous high FD ghost trees and then low Hand Ties in thick glass LSA vases

The top table looked magnificent with the long full and elegant garland of Roses and Orchids

Manchester Art Galley is a truly sensational, modern wedding venue space, we were totally inspired by the architecture and the art, Marie and all of the staff were really attentive and very helpful to us, it was fantastic to work there.

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