Christmas Flower/Fauna


Holly is one of the important Christmas Flowers.
This flower is associated not only with Christianity but with Romans and Islam.

It is regarded as a symbol of good luck in both Islam and Roman. For centuries, holly has been the subject of myths, legends, and customary observances. This Christmas Flower is usually associated with masculinity and a good luck charm.

It is used in decoration of home during Christmas time, and is regarded as a symbol of delight and enjoyment that brings up thoughts of celebration and good cheer. The Romans used the Christmas flower to decorate their houses, temples, and deities for Saturnalia, the mid-winter feast. They exchanged holly boughs as symbols of kindness and friendship, which acted as a bond of love and togetherness.

This practice is believed to be the predecessor of holly's use in Christmas celebrations. Later on, in December, while other Romans continued their pagan worship, Christians celebrated the birth of Jesus as the festival of Christmas . As Christians increased in number and their customs prevailed, Holly lost its pagan associations and became a symbol of Christmas and a Christmas Flower.

The flower Holly has come to stand for tranquility, joy and enjoyment. People often settle disputes under a holly tree. This Christmas Flower is believed to frighten off witches and evil spirits and protect the home from thunder and lightning. In Western England it is believed that twigs of holly around a young girl's bed on Christmas Eve would keep away naughty little goblins. In Germany, a piece that has been used in church decorations is regarded as magic against lightning. The English also mention the "he holly and the she holly" as being the deciding factor in who will dominate the household in the following year, the "he holly" have thorny leaves while a "she holly" have smooth ones. Other beliefs include, putting a sprig of holly on the bedpost would bring sweet dreams and also making a tonic from holly could be a cure for cold it has medicinal properties also. (btw - I wouldn't try the tonic thing ewww)

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