Buttermilk, Lemons, Green's and Ivories at Country Wedding at The Inn at Whitewell

This was such a special wedding, slightly inspired by "Gin and Tonics" you're going to see a lot of lemons.

Also my beautiful bride was wearing avery long veil front and back, and wanted to carry her wedding bouquet under her veil, so we came up with a cunning plan of actually "veiling" her wedding bouquet too so as to ensure no tangles in the tulle, so to speak, during the ceremony the Bridesmaid just delicately pulled the satin ribbon to release the veil from the bridal bouquet and when our Bride and her bouquet came back out of church both were revealed perfectly!


Gorgeous wedding bouquet of Stephanotis, Tulips, Sweet Peas, Viburnum Opulus, Chamomile, Liliy of the Valley, Hostas, and ferns.So this is a close up of the naked bouquet pre-veiling
St Michael's is such a cute little Church, and you honestly don't need loads of flowers to fill it just some seriously well chosen pieces, placed to frame the "Action"
Some exquisite Pew ends of Sweet Peas and Roses tied with Raffia

The two country vintage garden style urns filled with a plethora of garden, hedgerow and meadow blooms including Astilbe, Larkspur, Grasses, Peonies, roses and lots of fresh fragrant herbs, quite glorious!!!

Outside we hung some of our lovely lanterns

And dressed the porch with swathes of fragrant flowers to greet the guests

The Pathway was lined with ivory lanterns
And of course the gorgeous Lytch Gate was dripping in Roses, Viburnum Opulus, Amaranthus, Peonies and Ivy Trails

Jason Pinned on the corsages on the ladies
Whilst I pinned them on the gents
The Bride Groom looked so handsome and we'd made him a Rose and Lily of the Valley Boutonniere complete with two pips of Stephanotis

We'd dressed the arch over the front door of church with a crescent of fresh flowers and foliages to compliment the Lytch Gate The guests stated to arrive and we'd created corsages to compliment their ensembles

How completely gorgeous and as you can see her wedding bouquet is veiled beneath her own veil, I love the magic of this, the romance and slightly haziness of your view of her and the flowers, she has an almost ethereal look I feel!

Beautiful Bridesmaid carrying a very simple Bouquet in pale lemon, ivory and cream tulips, sweet peas and Roses

Huge Congratulations to the very happy couple

The look is now so completely different, overjoyed, open, relaxed and of course blissfully happy
The design of the bouquet and certainly the framing of it with the Ferns and Hostas was to pick up on the Handkerchief finish at the base of her gown

Just loved this ladies outfit!!

There were lots of tiny flowers appliqued to the bodice of the gown so I chose the delicate Stephanotis and Lily of the Valley to represent this design feature of the gown

The guests were greeted by an amazing saxophanist at The Inn at Whitewell and a Gin & Tonic Reception very cool!!!!

The marquee as ever at The Inn looked stunning, well dressed and beautifully laid tables The very simple cheese tower was dressed with just a few Roses on the top perfect!!

The Top Table looked quite majestic with two pillar candles in the centre and fresh flowers emanating from the focal area which was dominated by Calla Lilies, Peonies and lemons

The Church Pedestals were of course brought across from the Church

The pew ends were tied to the back of the dining chairs, love that kind of detail

And the Porch arrangements were used on the Guest gift table and the piano

We used two different designs on the tables, tall elegant conical vases filled with whole lemon jelly and topped with elegant hand ties.


And tall table stands with flowers arranged around the top and the bottom again incorporating whole lemons

The base of the table stand design complete with fresh fragrant lemons, and stocks

The high up spaces in the marquee were filled beautifully without spoiling anyone's view of each other or the Bride & Groom

This was a truly elegant wedding and we felt very honoured to be asked to provide the floral decor for it!

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