The Fabulous Bitter Chocolate & Latte Shaded Wedding Day of Anthony & Claire Luker at Bartle Hall

Claire & Anthony were an absolute joy to work with, it's always such a pleasure to work with a couple who are "really into" their wedding, they both had massive input, which makes this day and all of the decorations representative of them both, we had some brilliant meetings and I'm really going to miss them now they're married!!!!
This really was a "Good enough to eat" wedding day, the colour palette was simply delicious and perfect for the season, Dark Chocolate, Latte, Baileys Irish Cream and White Chocolate divine shades that worked incredibly in the exquisite surroundings of Bartle Hall
The ceremony was to be held in The Windsor Suite at Bartle Hall a fabulously long room perfect for showing off a beautiful wedding gown to its full and fantastical potential, the room is perfectly decorated in neutral shades and it has two fireplaces, lovely feature windows with voluptuous drapes, ideal for a classically elegant "Country House" wedding day
We arranged two glorious "Verdi Gris" candelabras with tall elegant candles swathed in a garland of fresh fruit and flowers in shades of Bitter, Milk & White Chocolate, we included the centres of Sunflowers, Hypnose, Vendella and Avalanche Roses, Piccolo Terra Lisianthus, Glowing Alps Hydrangeas, Ice Cap Phlox and lots of deliciously fragrant herbs and wax dipped bitter chocolate apples.
On the fireplace nearest the registrars table we arranged a series of simple posies tied with chocolate ribbon in between cream candle lit lanterns
One of the lovely posies on the fireplace including Piccolo Terra Lisianthus, Blondie Wax Flower Blossom, Bitter Chocolate Quercus Leaf and Astrantia Million Stars.
These two posies also include Hydrangea, Phlox, Amnesia & Hypnose Roses

We attached delicate tied posies of co-ordinating fresh flowers on the side of each alternate chair lining the aisle, the shades blended beautifully with Mocha Chair ties designed by Dawn from Creative Cover Hire

The Registrars table was dressed with a magnificent candle lit design, again we incorporated fresh flowers in all of those delicious chocolate shades

The Fireplace at the back of the room was also dressed with a collection of gorgeous posies and cream lanterns

Bartle Hall is a really special venue, the team here really do know their jelly beans, the service and attention to detail is second to none!!!

The Groom and his Groom's Men arrived in time for us to pin on their boutonnieres before we headed up to the Bride's suite to deliver her wedding bouquets

The Groom's Men's Boutonniere's were created from an Amnesia Rose with fresh Rosemary, Wax Flower Blossom and ivy leaves

The seriously handsome Bride Groom Anthony was wearing a rather special Groom's Boutonniere which  included Champagne Grass, Astrantia, Nerines, Wax Flower, Bouvardia and Hypericum

So the delivery and presentation of the bridal bouquets, always a nerve racking moment as you regular readers will know
But the lovely Claire was delighted and I was greatly relieved!

The Flower Design Events Bouquet Carrying lesson was one of my best ever efforts, Jason is so much better than me at this!!!!! he is however better at taking the photographs too
The Bridesmaids bouquets were just lovely, a collection of autumnal flowers, berries and foliages gathered together in a Galax framed posy in shades of Mocha, Chocolate and Cream, mmm yummy!!!

The little Flower Girl's Posies were created in proportion with them and they did seem quite impressed!
Back downstairs with the rest of the gentlemen to finish off pinning on their boutonnieres

Anthony with his two Best Men and the most adorable Page Boy ever!!!!

Mum's Phalaenopsis Orchid Corsage

Oh we love these guys they really are sensational, playing a mixture of classical and contemporary tunes "Classic Ensembles"
Creative Cover Hire had rolled out the 'Cream Carpet" which had been sprinkled with Rose Petals, the fabulous Registrar Jill Greeson had arrived so the scene was set!
Would you believe this is one of the Grandmas!!!!
All of these very special ladies were presented with an ivory Rose corsage

The Bride's gorgeous Mum wearing her Phalaenopsis Epaulette Corsage

The beautiful Flower Girls seemed to float down the stairs, closely followed by the beautiful Bride and Bridesmaids

All of the Bridesmaids looked utterly stunning in their dark chocolate gowns

Claire's autumn wedding bouquet in Chocolate, Cinnamon and Milk & Honey Shades

Claire really did look breathtaking

Huge and ginormous congratulations to a very, very happy family

The Bridesmaids Bouquets were a perfect collection of shades and blooms to compliment their gorgeous dark chocolate Bridesmaids gowns

The lovely photographer for the day was Martin Hobson, he really was a joy to work with and he's promised me some images too which I'm looking forward to sharing with you!!!
The celebrations then moved across to The Balmoral Suite
We just loved Claire & Anthony's seating Plan
The posies from the ceremony were distributed around all of the bar tables

The table designs were a combination of high and low designs
I just love the attention to detail here, the napkins folded into jackets and the Alzheimer's Society Pin on the lapel
The Low table centrepiece designs were lovely and Romantic, we had a hurricane lamp with a large candle in the centre this was surrounded by a luscious ring of Roses, Sunflower Centres, Kiwi Vine and lots of fresh herbs and foliages
The menu sounded delicious

The tall table centre pieces were on our vintage style "Verdi Gris" candelabras, swathed in a fantastical garland of fresh flowers and foliages

Lovely posies of Roses and Hydrangeas with chocolate shaded wax dipped apples were used to extend the top table design

The central part of the top table had two hurricane lamp covered candles dominated the design with a voluptuous array of Snow Berry, Roses, Hydrangeas, Phlox and Euphorbia Fulgens

The cake topper created in the style of a miniature wedding bouquet incorporating all of the lovely blooms; the Lisianthus, Hydrangeas, Roses, Astrantia, Wax Flower Blossom and Hypericum Berries

The rest of the posies from the ceremony fireplaces were used in and amongst the logs in the Fireplace in The Balmoral

The lovely Nick from Creative Cover Hire transferred all of the chair covers across from The Windsor Suite to The Balmoral Suite, this is what you call fabulous service!

The lovely Hayley, fantastic Banqueting Manager at Bartle Hall, she really does the most amazing job, everything runs so perfectly when she's in charge!!!!

Huge thanks to Claire and Anthony for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers!!!!!

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