Purple and Silver Christmas Table Centrepiece

This is a fabulous table design for the festive season, it has such a fantastic modern vibe and it's truly adaptable depending on the number of guests at your table it can be stretched or packed closely together, you can use more or less of the cubes and mirror tiles allowing space for condiments and tureens, you could go for an all white look or the deep purple whatever floats your boat really, the point being you've got bags of options!!

Table favours to compliment, vivid green Cymbidium Orchids that can double up as a dress corsage for your lady guests

Silver Eryngium Thistles with loops of purple bear grass and a sprinkling of fairy dust!

This table was dressed as part of The Stringers "Getting Ready for Christmas" Event
Elegant Helebores "Christmas Roses"


Spectacular Vanda Orchids "Purple Magic"
Exquisite Phalaenopsis Orchids

Pale Green Gonforicarpus

Our Ruby looking very proud of her design

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