The Long Awaited Floral Knickerbocker Glory Seaside Picnic Wedding of Hannah & Carl

No apology but an explanation; this is a hugely long posting due in part to the gloriousness of this  weekend wedding and a truly spectacular family the other part of course is the fabulous Bride & Groom, Hannah our gorgeous Bride really put her all in to the details, she (and her fabulous Mum Sally (Another of my favourite Bride's Mum's))  hand stitched the seating plan, the place hearts, the table names and so much more, not only that but Hannah also made and decorated her own wedding Cake, created jars of Chutney to go with the cheese tower and even found time to decorate the wellies (more of those later!).
For the second time this week (I may make a habit of this) I'm going to start at the beginning, a fine place to commence this epic tale, if you're sitting comfortably I'll begin; I have had the enormous pleasure and privilege of creating wedding flowers for Hannah & her three beautiful sisters, each, as you may expect are totally different, their colour schemes, themes and of course Husbands have been equally diverse (I do have a favourite Bride Groom of the four but I shan't tell you which one it is!).
As this was to be the last of "The Ward Weddings" (Though there is talk of renewing vows for special anniversaries, I honestly can't wait!) I really wanted to go out with a bang! thankfully Hannah had the most dramatic colour scheme in mind; "Hot Pink & Royal Blue" she is to say the least a vibrant girl, fabulously arty and creative so we could really let our floral hair down...
An early start was in order and we headed out of Blackpool at the crack of dawn together with thousands of Blackpool fans, we were heading for a tremendous day on Anglesey and they were off to a very disappointing day at Wembley.
The presentation of wedding bouquets went swimmingly well, with three professional Bridesmaids the Bouquet holding lesson wasn't entirely necessary but we did it anyway for old times sake!!

We followed the little handmade pink and blue hearts tied to gates and lamp posts leading us to "The Church in the Sea" the magical venue for the wedding ceremony
This photograph was taken from the very nearest point that we could park our huge van, I had invested in some brand new wellies for the trek over to the Island

We hung brightly decorated lanterns from hooks around the St Cwyfan's Church

A Floral "Life Belt" was hung on the Church Door

The Life Belt was made from Blue Hydrangeas and White Peonies

Inside, the Church is simple and beautiful in equal measure, we decided to decorate the interior with equally simple and beautiful designs, the Altar, Font, Pulpit and Windowsills were all dressed with a collection of recycled bottles and jars filled with wild flower posies in vibrant shades
Delicate Forget me Nots & Peonies could be seen and enjoyed in all their glory
Sweet Peas, White Blue Bells, Blue "Bees", Sweet Peas, Dicentra Alba and Peonies, looked exquisite on the little font
All of the little bottles and jars had been individually decorated with ribbons, star fish and shells by our Ruby back at FD Events HQ
Lanterns were placed in the windowsills alongside the little posies of Gloriosa & Dicentra Alba

Purple Lilac

Baby Allium Neapolitan & Bluebells

Purple Lilac

A basket of fresh fragrant Rose Petals for after the ceremony
The Boutonnieres were heavenly, the English Garden Rose Darcy took centre stage with Champagne grass and Cornflowers in supporting roles, we'd used fine shoelace ribbon to create a ballet slipper tie effect on the stems
The chairs were all dressed with random bows in a variety of pink and blue ribbons, simple yet lovely
Hannah's handsome Bride Groom Carl was one of the first to arrive along with his Groom's Men

Apparently just "Over there" is where Will & Kate live, I can't reveal my sources but needless to say they are people in the know!!!

The totally fabulous photographers for the day were the uber brilliant Pete & Laura Lawson from Lawson Photography, their work is legendary and I really can't wait to see the fruits of their labours

Every one of the glamorous guests arrived in wellies with a change of footwear in hand
The seriously authentic Church Bell decorated with ribbons, Darcy Roses & Cornflowers
Super smart Junior Ushers
The Beautiful Bride & her stunning Bridesmaids made their way across the causeway
The seriously beautiful Chloe, her wedding to Duncan was the first of the fours sisters weddings 

Chloe, Charlotte & Becky looking spectacular carrying their bouquets in hot pink and royal blue

Our completely fabulous Bride with her super proud Dad

I included the English Garden Rose Darcy from David Austin, Royal Blue Delphinium Volkerfrieden, Blue Bells, Cornflowers, Hot Pink Peonies, Hot Pink Sweet Peas and Blue Hydrangeas in these delicious Bridesmaids Bouquets
Hannah looked completely breathtaking when she arrived at the island

The hot pink wellies were exchanged for elegant bridal shoes

Hannah's Blue & Pink wedding bouquet included Forget me Nots, Blue Bells, Cornflowers, Darcy Roses, Hot Pink Peonies, Blue Hydrangeas and heavenly scented Sweet Peas

The Church Wardens, Vergers and Parishioners without whom none of this would be possible, many thanks to them for their assistance on this wedding and the two previous weddings in their parish
A Mountain of wellington boots

There were some totally scrumptious children involved in this wedding day, Hector is completely adorable and managed to steal the show!
Six Months old and wearing a cornflower Buttonhole, the future looks bright!

Hector is wearing an Amalia Rose Boutonniere, still oversized (as it should be) but not quite as voluptuous as Darcy

The Bride & Groom then came out of Church along with the congregation for the "Blessing of the Sea"

Massive Congratulations to Carl & Hannah from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

The fresh Rose Petal Confetti was wonderful, every Bride & Groom should know what it feels like to be showered with fresh fragrant English Rose Petals, cool, scented and soft like a kiss from an angel I'm told! any way they have just enough weight to prevent them from simply blowing away!

I love this picture!!!
Three Grandmas

I love this picture too!

The flag was flying over Surf Point Castle ready for the return of our fabulous Bride & Groom

The Marquee was right on the beach adjacent to the castle, the interior was reminiscent of a huge white Ice Cream Parlour and the tables were dressed with giant sized Floral Knickerbocker Glories, Floral Victoria Sponges, Floral Cup Cakes, Tea services and Candy Jars
Hannah's brilliant hand made name place gingham hearts tied to the back of the chairs
The Host the Roast aprons were embroidered also and placed in the position of the very lucky guest chosen to carve the fillet of beef!

Loving the filp flops for folks with delicate feet requiring a change for the dancing

Delectable floral cupcakes on our four tier cake stand dressed with a plethora of ribbons and sea shells, Starfish and decorative doilies
A floral "Victoria Sponge" on a cake stand covered with a glass bell cake cover
Fabulous floral tea set (My Mother in law's) 
Ribbons and pegs for hats
Tea cup & Saucer cake topper
Hannah's fabulous home made wedding cake
Our spectacular Floral Knickerbocker Glories

The flowers, shells and fruits were set into layered Blueberry, Vanilla and Raspberry jelly
The Hydrangeas and Peonies looked liked scoops of Ice Cream, with Amaranthus forming a raspberry sauce effect, fan palms represented wafers and "Cigar stems" Chocolate flakes & Spoons
Gorgeous Rasperry Ripple shaded Peonies

The Table name "Door Stops" were also made by our super talented Bride

The completely fantastic seating plan created by Hannah

The three tered floral candy jar
"Love in the Mist"
The delicious Cheese tower with homemade chutneys

The morning after the night before...
The marquee needed to be re-vamped ready for a very special post wedding Barbeque, the flowers were all restyled for this less formal event
Cookie Jars with flowers inside and on top

I raided Sally's crockery cupboard and came up with some gorgeous tea cups and saucers
Hannah's wellies became superb vases perfect for the Delphiniums

One of the Floral Victoria Sponges

Breakfast crockery replaced the formal tea sets

A brand new cake plinth for our blue floral Victoria sponge

The shades of blue delphiniums looked fabulous
The Ice Cream designs became low floral bowls
Our work here was done and it was time to head back to the mainland, I always feel like I've been on a holiday when I do the Ward weddings, I have that feeling of anti climax and of course complete exhaustion too! Huge thanks to the entire family for again inviting us to create flowers for such a special weekend!! I can't wait for the anniversaries!!!!!

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