Charlotte & Lauchlan MacLean Bristol's "The Tempest" Inspired Wedding at The Church in the Sea, Angelsey

So we left The Fylde at about 4:30 am for a wedding we'd been looking forward to for ages, we stopped off for breakfast in Beaumaris and then arrived all bright and lively to deliver the Bridal Bouquets to Charlotte and her lovely family... For Charlotte & Lauchie's day we envisaged incorporating strong senses of freedom, rolling waves, White Ocean, Blue heritage. Raw resources, nothing artificial everything was to be absolutely real.
Superficiality cast to the sea whilst we brought in elements of their own lives from the Scottish Highlands to the free and natural beauty of Anglesey.

Therefore, we didn't want to create structured arrangements for them, rather reflect the motion of the ocean and its waves in their shapes, style colour and texture.

Using allsorts of natural materials such as seashells, driftwood and sand, though not made a feature of, just incorporated naturally into the overall look.

We wanted to loosely base our flowers around William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’, in terms of its themes of ‘time of change’, renaissance, passion and love, specifically between Miranda and Ferdinand, and of course in its motifs of the natural world, the sea and the island.

Both venues The Church in the Sea & Surf Point seem to have an underlying sense of magic and charm to them and to us, this is suggestive of the island in The Tempest whose atmosphere pervades enchantment.

The colours that best fit such ideas are greens, aqua blues, bruised and moody purples, greys and deeper blues, as well as bleached out white. Again, none of which were over powering or dramatic, just complimentary to the scenery, the gowns and the kilts.
St Cwyfan's Church is known as the Church in the Sea. It is to be found on a small tidal island called Cribinau located off the west coast of Anglesey
We'd been to do a recci a few weeks earlier and decided that our health and safety policy dictatated that only our family's lives could be risked in our endevour to decorate this magical Church (We had to buy brand new walking boots on our way home)

Ruined boots and all, it was absolutely worth it.
I used lots of Smilax & Sperengerii for their sea weed quality in these arrangements. The lovely people who look after this Church told us that no-one had ever decorated it this way before, we know why, we had four hours to get theflowers on to the island, the wedding to happen and the flowers off again before the tide came in, each trip took 40 minutes from the van to the Church and back again.
The appropriately attired guests began to arrive.

Lauchie's Brother played the Bag Pipes in what seemed to be the most perfect setting. (Although it was Wales and not Scotland)

Lauchlan the very colourful Groom, complete with a Ladies Slipper Orchid and Heather boutonniereWrist Corsages & Buttonholes of Sea Weed & Roses, Thistles & Sea Shells

Sally the most elegant of Bride's Mums in her Amanda Wakeley Gown & Welly Boots
The gorgeous Bridesmaid's matching gowns, wellies & brollies...
Chloe & Rebecca looking windswept and gorgeous Charlotte & her Dad
THE BRIDAL BOUQUET: The bouquet I created for Charlotte was in a “Flower Design” hand tied style with Paphiopedilum Orchids in Lime Green, Lily of the valley, ivory Crystal Blush Callas, Green & Ivory roses, White Bouvardia, Stephanotis, White Anemones, China Grass, Bear Grass, Champagne Grass, Eucalyptus, Coral Fern and Dracena

The Bridesmaid's bouquets matched the brides perfectly.
Everyone changed their footwear for the Ceremony

Huge Congratulations to Charlotte & Lauchie, a fabulous couple and a very memorable day.

We all headed off to Surf Point before we were surrounded by sea
Each table had a nominated carver and at their place was a carving board, knife etc and apron embroidered with the date & Charlotte & Lauchie's wedding.

We arranged some "Under the Sea" style goldfish bowls with sea urchin like Cardifoliums & Proteas, Sea Anemones & Ladies Slipper Orchids, Bubbly Snow Berry and lots of sand and shells. The Table names were painted on drift wood.
Our tall designs are in LSA vases filled with Sea Shells and Sand
The Table plan was on a Map of Western Islands, with tables named after the islands, the Cheeses were all Welsh and delicious

We arranged the tall vases in the centre of the marquee with the lower bowls to the outer edges where the ceiling was lower.
We used the wellies as vases for the Bridesmaid's bouquets
The arrival of the Bride & Groom back at the families holiday home "Surf Point"
Our Olivia handing out the fresh Rose Petals
This gorgeous marquee is by Snowdonia Marquees
Fresh Oysters for the Canapes, the fabulous caterers were "Outside"
We stayed in a very special hotel The QuayHotel managed by a friend of ours back at Deganwy where the sea looked like a mill pond and a very excellent nights sleep was had by all three of us.

We love doing events for this amazing family, everything is always so well planned but extrodinary too, here's a link to Becky's wedding, Charlotte's gorgeous sister.
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