Emunah Flower Design Demonstration at Rabbi Book's Home

Jason and I recieved a very warm welcome and some seriously wonderful cakes and hospitality from the lovely Mrs Book and the Emunah Group St Annes.

Emunah was set up in 1933 by a group of British women who helped children escape Nazi persecution, today it's one of the leading social welfare providers in Israel.
They built their first residential home Aful in 1949 for children whose families had perished in the Holocaust they now have over 200 projects helping women and children on a daily basis through it's network of homes, schools, day care centres and counselling and therapy centres.

The St Annes group are specifically raising funds to help provide the new kitchen and dining room at the Sarah Herzog Children's Centre Afula.

Anyway besides the very serious business of fund raising we enjoyed a little bit of healthy banter, some floral inspiration and of course those spectacular cakes.

Emma had prepared a bonfire design for me to demonstrate and it was undeniably Hot, Hot, Hot!

1. Then we moved on to something you can all do at home, We'd sliced open the Squash, scooped out a little of the insides, replaced it with oasis using some scewers to prop the lid up.

2. I added some lovely steel berry, you've probably got some in the garden.
3.The the Hydrangeas and some green Hypericum Berry

4.A few Roses

5. And some dried Grasses and Crocosmia


The raffle prize winners, I know they aren't looking totally thrilled but seriously they were quite overcome with the joy of winning!!!

We also managed a donation of £50.00 to Trinity Hospice in the Fylde, so thankyou ladies for a fabulous evening.

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