Christmas Plant Buying in Aalsmeer

This is my favourite time of year and I love going to Holland to select our own plants, this is Jason with our trolleys... These are all our plants yesterday on Danish trolleys ready to be shipped out to us, they will arrive with us tomorrow.
So this is where we started at Waterdrinker

Miles of Poinsettias, we actualy buy Mile Lane Poinsettias that are English grown

Bright coloured Gerbera Plants

These Sandersonia's (Ceropegia) look like something from another planet

Moth Orchids Phalaenopsis in every different colour

Trolleys and trolleys of them
Vanda Orchids
Dendrobium Madame Pompadour
More Dendrobiums
Paphiopedilum King Arthur

Catteleya Orchid, I used these in my mothers wedding bouquet 25 years ago when she married my lovely step father, they'll be celebrating their Silver Wedding next month

Hellebores to make your mouth water

I didn't really have time for picture taking and these were just a few snaps ( I took them whilst Jason was waiting very patiently in the queue to get everything zapped) but they hardly capture the magic and I'm sorry for that, but you'll be able to see these magnificent specimens live and in person if you bob into Flower Design tomorrow

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