Flower Design Christmas Party Night at Ribby Hall

This is our team not quite in its entirety, we had a few omissions, but this is what they look like dressed up, pretty good I'd say!"Shirl the Girl"
"John the Driver""Organiser extrodinaire Vicky"
from left to right Sophie, Olivia, Malcolm, Sue, "Rosie Disposition", Ellie, John, Jeanette, Rachel, Jason, Shirl, Jessica, Sally, Jo, Emma, Vicky & Me.
Emma & Jessica
Me & no "H" Jonny (It was his staff Christmas party too)
"Rosie Dispostion", "Wild Child Jeanette", " Sunny Sue", "Legs Ellie" "Saturday Sophie" and "Olive Oil"

Ribby Hall was a fantastic choice for a night out, we had a great time, we always seem to be at the same venue as Richards Hair & Beauty it happens every year, do they have insider information?

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