Please Comment/Vote for your Favourite Flower Arrangement

So these are our lovely ladies of the WPO, they and I would appreciate it if you would comment at the end of the posting indicating your most favourite table design, the lady with the most votes will win a very special Flower Design Prize.
1. Bridget
2. Steph
3. Jocelyn
4. Michelle
5. Gayle
6. Janelle
7. Lyndsey
8. Pamela
9. Jan
10. Bernard11. Andrea
12. Wendy
13. Judith
14. Pam
15. Celia
16. Lesley17. Alison
18. Izzie
19. Vivien20. Sheila

The closing date for votes will be Good Friday at 5:00pm

OK so a bit of a step by step instruction for how to vote if you haven't commented on a blog previously.....

  1. Click on the word comment/comments below
  2. A window will open, scroll down to the box headed leave your comment.
  3. Place your vote and perhaps your reason for selection i.e. Bernard because his is best.
  4. Now choose your identity if you have a google account use that or select anonymous
  5. Then Click on publish comment, you may be asked to verify your humanity by typing a scrambled word.
  6. Don't panic if your comment doesn't appear instantly, your comments needs to be approved before they're published.

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