Flower Design Staff Training with New York Florist Mentor Tim Huckerbee

We had a fantastic day last week with the amazing Tim Huckerbee, directly from New York via Glasgow where he'd done a seminar for Metz, if you are a florist reading this blog, believe me you need him in your life!
The main thrust of our training was really about realising & managing customer expectation.
Our much valued customers regularly ask for a fantastic amazing, huge and showy hand tied bouquet for £20 the same £20 they've paid for the past 20 years, which to be fair used to buy them a big showy hand tie but now buys a very beautiful small handtie great for a desk or side table but not a design that could be described as showy. So Tim taught us how to describe simply and to sell appropriately resulting in much, much happier customers, who could ask for more?
So we hand picked from our Flower Design team our more senior florists for this very special training day; Emma, Nigel (From Metz), Gemma, Jason, Vicki, Rachel, Olivia, Shirl & Tim Huckerbee Oh yes and there's no show without punch!
Nigel from Metz organized the day for us acting as "go between", picking him up from the train station and delivering him back afterwards, Metz very generously covered Tim's travel expenses which really helped us to be able manage the cost of the training (there are many hidden benefits to buying from Metz!)
Following a fabulous days training we all went to Jali for a delicious Indian Banquet
We had lots of time to discuss the days events in a very relaxed environment which really helped us all to remember the process.

And what a glorious sunset on Blackpool Promenade

The results have been incredible, we've had more calls, emails and cards from super satisfied clients that we ever had done before, so huge thanks to Tim, Nigel and all the team at Metz and roll on September when Tim's back with us.

Should any one want information about booking Tim Huckerbee, just email Nigel, nigelb@metz.com

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