Part 3. Elise & Marcus the Drinks Reception at Lytham Hall 4:45-6:00pm

The CK Marquee was set up on the lawn just in front of the Hall and it looked magnificent, the sides were opened up as it was such a beautiful day. Lytham Hall is truly a spectacular venue the Hall itself is so majestic

Team Rowley's were all ready to recieve the guests

We'd arranged beautiful garlands of fresh flowers along the outdoor tables

Inside the marquee the scene was set for a quintessentially English wedding breakfast, with tall elegant table designs of Alliums Delphiniums, Clematis, Peonies & Roses

At the base of the tall columns, we'd arranged Sweet Peas, Blue Bells, Curcumas & Hydrangeas in their own individual vases

Each guest had an authentic vintage liquer glass with a tiny posy of fresh flowers tied with ribbon

We decorated the white chocolate cake with a posy of herbs and roses on top and a garland surrounding the base

Our Sophie & Rachel just putting the finishing touches to the top tableI loved the more wild looking flowers we used like the Blue Bells (Left) and the little posies of fresh herbs; Lavender, Peppermint, Oregano and Marjoram

The Flower Design Seating Plan
The Groom had designed all of the stationary beautifully, as the table names were places the couple had lived we included flowers from all of the different countries.

The Management Jason & BenThe Flower Design "Hanging Gardens of Babylon" inspired top table creation

Chan & Sue the Brides Parents looking very delighted The arrangements on either side of the front door and the various topiaries, lanterns and ferns we've placed there make it the perfect spot for photographs

Sammi "Chief Bridesmaid" still looking amazing and still carrying her bouquet

Calvin from Clouds cars, they did a fabulous job, the cars looked beautiful
Mexican Mariachi Band Jason reading the "Who's who"

He was a little concerned to discover he is the husband of nine, "Ones bad enough but nine hey!"

Ben was opening the Champagne ready for the the arrival of the Bride & Groom

Elise's hair was done by "Toni & Guy" and looked quite beatiful

My favourite waiter Oscar Rowley

These images I feel need no explanation enjoy...

Fernando & Jason (You're probably thinking there's an awful lot of images of Jas but he wears a suit so infrequently that it needed recording many times!)

Fernando's Metalina Rose is still looking mighty fine

Sue & Elaine also looking mighty fine


The guests were seated and ready

But you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the fantastic food pics and the glorious speeches oh yes and more flowers

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