The Sweetest Combination Table Centres; Specialized Cakes From Joe Hargreaves & Fresh Flower Table Designs by Flower Design Events

Buttercup Tea Party Table centre piece exquisite bauble cakes from Specialized Cakes dressed with fresh flowers on a silver Tea tray, crystal cake stand and tea cups and saucers filled with freesia and sun flowers and more delicious cakes.
So we used a collection of Joe's famous "Bauble Cakes" iced with butterflies and daises
I arranged them on a lovely crystal vintage cake stand with a plume of lemon fragrant freesia and Crystal Blush Calla lilies in the centre
All placed on a silver tray with a full "Daisy & Buttercup" china tea service filled with Sun Flowers, dill, Daisises and delicious "Cake Baubles"

The second super sweet design has more of a chocolate vibe to it
I used two cake stands stood on mirror plates and just loaded them up with delicious chocolate cups from Specialized Cakes and fresh Roses and Peonies yummy!!!

I really wish you could smell te amazing fragrance created by Peonies, Roses and Chocolate

Rowley's Catering provided the vintage crockery and as ever dressed the tables beautifully
The chocolate cups are filled with a chocolate ganache and create the perfect petit fours at the end of a dinner, imagine finally being able to eat the table centre piece, I just love the concept it's a bit reminiscent of a "Heston Blumenthall" idea!
I chose the colours of roses and peonies very carefully to compliment the exquisitely decorated chocolate cups, here's a link to one of Joe's chocolate wedding cakes!
Some very "Special" friends of mine Ben from Rowley's hey what a serious six pack that boy has and Link the great folks from Picture This Photo Booths
The Top table design in deep purples and bold Raspberry pinks
The centrepiece arranged on a crystal cake stand, I used Blue Bells, Freesia, Denrobium Orchis, Phalaenopsis Orchids and Lissianthus
The table dressing was extended by delicious little crystal desert dishes filled with lilies and Phalaenopsis Orchids

The Marquee was by CK Marquees

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