Fabulous Outdoor Wedding at The Gibbon Bridge of Laura & Chris Sumner

Seriously gorgeous couple these two, I'd been looking forward to this wedding for ages, they have great taste and fabulous families too...


Malcolm and I headed off to to Room 31 at the fabulous Gibbon Bridge, it's the suite with its own private garden and loads of space perfect for a Bride and her Bridesmaids to get ready in. We presented Laura Terri & Hannah with their bridal bouquets and they all looked pretty excited I can tell you!
Then we found the uber handsome Chris and pinned on his very special Groom's Boutonniere of Fresh Lily of the Valley, Norma Jean Rose & Sweet Peas, the fragrance was heavenly.

The Groom's Men's Boutonniere's were of Amnesia Roses, Astrantia and Champagne Grass

Chocolate Curcumas, just lovely in the Registrars table design We used hurricane lamps in the Registrars table centre to protect the candles from the wind

Zebo was wearing a floral dog collar, she was a huge part of the day!

Vendella Rose Buttonholes
Amnesia Rose Buttonholes

The Gardens at Gibbon Bridge are just to die for I love this huge stone bowl filled with fragrant herbs On the steps we arranged little posies of English Garden flowers together with fragrant herbs and grasses, I think it's really important to ensure our flowers are sympathetic to the gardens

Fragrant Lavender
And Butterflies

Laura's lovely Mum arrived and then a very beautiful Flower Girl Bethany, carrying a tiny posy of Peonies, Roses and Sweet Peas.

Next and bringing the rings and two gorgeous Page Boys was Zebo Edward and William were very nearly in charge!!!
Terri & Hannah were next they both looked perfect carrying bouquets of Roses, Peonies, Lissianthus and Sweet Peas

And finally Laura and her Dad Chris

Laura was just breathtaking as she floated down the path to The Band Stand and her Groom Laura's Wedding Bouquet was light and delicate with fragrant Lily of the Valley and Sweet Peas, Peonies, Roses and Lissianthus

The Band Stand at Gibbon Bridge is one of the most magical Wedding Ceremony venues there is!

Veronica one the Registrars was conducting the ceremony beautifully
The Readings were superb

Huge and massive congratulations to Mr & Mrs Sumner

The C&B team headed down to the Band Stand with celebratory refreshments

The many faces of the brilliant Calvin Henry

The weather was so glorious the seating plan could move outdoors

On each table a fresh centrepiece dominated by a hurricane lamp

The tables were all named after flowers and each table centre included Sweet Peas, Peonies, Roses, Astrantia and Lissianthus
Philip from Gibbon Bridge looks after everyone superbly

The canapes looked so delicious I thought it might be nice to meet the Chef
The kitchen was seriously immaculate and the Chefs weren't bad either, it was great to meet the man behind the masterpiece of Canapes
And of course as is nearly always the case the indomitable Janet Simpson proprietor was there to over see and ensure perfection.

The Top table
The design from the registrars table looked beautiful on the top table
A White Chocolate Cake dressed with Bombastic Roses and Nerines in shell pink

I loved all of the details, the little wooden hearts engraved with everyone's names tied to the glasses

The incredible Howard Wing was in charge of all things musical, he is a sublime entertainer!!!

It was a huge pleasure to create the flowers for this wonderful wedding, many thanks to Laura, Chris & Zebo for choosing Flower Design Events to create their Bridal Flowers

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