Rebecca & Paul's Perfectly Purple Wedding Day at St John's Lytham & Lytham Hall

I just loved this fabulous couple and I'm really going to miss them, we seemed to spend most of our meetings laughing, any way this is the story of their very purplicious wedding day told through the medium of fresh flowers, their venues were amongst the finest on our Fylde Coast, their wedding ceremony was celebrated at St John the Divine on the Green at Lytham facing the iconic windmill.

This is a beautiful and much loved Church, complete with Bell Ringers a fabulous Organist & Choir, and a Minister with a seriously rich voice Rev Jack Wixon I find myself hanging on his every word!!!!
Back to the flowers, we arranged an all round design on top of the font, it's literally the very first thing you see as you walk through the doors, we used two shades of purple Gladioli, fragrant Stocks, Campanulas, purple Hydrangeas, Ocean Song and Memory Lane Roses, together with lots of scented herbs and foliages.

On the altar we placed two simple designs of Gladioli, Roses, Campanula, Astrantia & Alliums in shades of purple and lavender
The Groom's party including a very debonair Groom's Uncle arrived and we pinned on their deep aubergine Calla Lily Boutonnieres
Each of the Boutonnieres included fragrant Rosemary, Viburnum Berries and fresh sweet scented Rosemary
The Groom's Mum's elegant Epaulette Corsage of Wax Flower Blossom "Wendy", deep purple Delphinium Elatum florets, Viburnum Berries and "Bombastic" floribunda Rose
The end of each alternate pew was decorated with a posy of Roses, Agapanthus, Phlox, Alchemilla Mollis, Hosta, Palm & Amaranthus.
One of the superb Ushers the lovely Alastair
Rebecca's Bride Groom the uber lovely Paul
Paul's Boutonniere included a Calla Lily, Rolled "Memory Lane" Rose Petals and Viburnum Berries.
The seriously glamorous Groom's Mum, wearing her epaulette corsage with flair!!!
One of the very best and most effecient Best Men I've ever had the pleasure of meeting!!! honestly!!!

The Bride arriving in style
How fabulous!!!

How gorgeous!!!!

The Brides Grandma, wearing a lovely Vendella Rose lapel corsage
The lovely Bride's Mum wearing a fragrant epaulette corsage of Hydrangea Florest, Lily of the Valley, Agapanthus and Rolled Rose Petals.

Rebecca really did look stunning and very excited!!!!

Rebecca's wedding bouquet was luscious, voluptuous and seriously purple!

Massive Congratulations to Rebecca & Paul from all of the team at FD Events

I included vivid "Purple Magic" Vanda Orchids, Aubergine Calla Lilies, Agapanthus, "Bright Eyes" Phlox, Lissianthus, Roses, Hydrangeas and Alchemilla Mollis and Champagne Grass

Rebecca's beautiful Bridesmaid carried a smaller version of the Bride's Bouquet

The festivities moved on to Lytham Hall where Ben & the Rowley's team were ready and waiting to welcome everyone!

Lytham Hall is such a magnificent venue with lots of photographic opportunities.
An all round design graced the central marble table in the entrance hall
The majestic fireplace looked even more splendid with two elegant "L" shaped designs
This is one of the most dramatic staircases, perfect for some photographs, we'd transferred the pew ends from Church on to the bannister

Check out the Grooms shoes, I do have a close up of them later...

Just love those shoes Paul!!!

The Bridesmaid's Bouquet toned so perfectly with her purple gown

The Rowley's canapés looked and smelled delicious!!!
The wedding breakfast was in the Upper West Wing, where the tables were dressed with a combination of high & low Martini Glasses filled with dramatic "Floral Cocktails"

The top table design was a variety of different sized Martini glasses each filled with an individually designed posy these were then set onto a row of square mirror tiles that stretched the length of the top table

 All of the tables were named after all things Purple

The photographer Pete Stewart from Fylde Photography was lovely to work with
More delicious canapés from Rowley's

Our work here was done, it really was a huge privilege to design & create the flowers for Rebecca & Paul's very special day, huge thanks to them for choosing Flower Design Events!

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