The Beautiful Wedding Day of Emma & Christopher Bilsborough at The Gibbon Bridge

The perfect start to the perfect day, you just can't beat the arrival of Champagne and the delivery of your bridal bouquets, is there anything more delicious, fragrant, delectable and just downright decadent, I think not but then I am a Champagne loving florist!!!
I first met Emma and her fabulous family way back in January at The Gibbon Bridge open day, Emma & her totally fantastic Mum and I have enjoyed some brilliant meetings, Emma knew exactly the look she was aiming for with her flowers, she really wanted a luscious opulent look, bringing the amazing Gibbon Bridge Gardens into the designs, lots of English Roses, Fresh Lily of the Valley, Blackberries and Hostas a plethora of beautiful voluptuous August Blooms.....
The Bride's Mum's Eppaulette Corsage of Phalaenopsis Orchids, Nerines & Rose Buds
The Bridal Suite at Gibbon Bridge is just gorgeous, it's on two floors with its own private garden loads and loads of space perfect for a Bride and her Bridesmaids to get ready in.
And for them all to try out their bridal bouquets
 Emma & Chris were getting married in the famous Gibbon Bridge Band Stand, this really is one of the most gorgeous places to get married in the entire world, nestled in their beautifully kept gardens I really can't think of anywhere better for flower lovers!!!
The steps up to the Band stand were dressed with posies of Roses, Classic Hydrangeas, Bouvardia, Thalaspi, Alchemilla Mollis and Hederea
In-between the posies we placed our filigree candle lit lanterns

The registras table was decorated with a luscious design dominated by two huge hurricane lamps (ensuring the candles stay lit throughout the ceremony) lots and lots of blowsy garden Roses, Hydrangeas, Delphinium Elatum and lots of herbs, berries and seasonal foliages.

I do love these magnificent gardens here at Gibbon Bridge, the only thing missing here is a "frog" or may be I'm having a Monet moment rather than a fairytale one.
Beautiful Fox Gloves "Digitalis"
Each and every single one of the 70'ish guests were presented with a Boutonniere or Corsage, Jill and I pinned each one in place and it really was a joy to see how thrilled people were to receive a flower.

Chris the very handsome Bride Groom had a very special boutonniere to match his Brides Bouquet, we included Fresh Lily of the Valley, Rosemary, a Patience Rose, Champagne Grass and Berries.

The Groom's lovely sister wearing a Phalaenopsis Orchid and Rose Bud Corsage to match her sunshine ensemble
The Groom's gorgeous Mum wearing Raspberry & Black, we created a very special epaulette corsage of Rolled Rose Petals, Orchids, Rose Buds & Sweet William to compliment.

The Groom's fabulous sister Kate, we designed a corsage for her of blue Hydrangeas, ivory Rose Buds and Phalaenopsis Orchids and diamantes, matching her wedding outfit beautifully. Kate and I were sat next to each other during the ceremony and whilst we waited for the Bride to arrive we managed to put the world to rights!!!!

Edward the fabulous manager of Gibbon Bridge and our slightly nervous groom Chris heading off to meet the registrars.
Bethan the amazing Brides Mum looking completely fabulous!

Chris keeping an eye out for the arrival of his beautiful Bride
First the arrival of the gorgeous Bridesmaids
Then a vision of loveliness arrived at the top of the steps the lovely Emma wearing a gorgeous Mori Lee Gown and her lovely Dad

The Bridesmaids carried posy shaped smaller versions of the Bridal Bouquet in shades of Pale pink, Ivory & Green to tone with their pale green Bridesmaids gowns

Emma looked completely stunning

A beautiful Bride and one seriously proud Father!!!
Emma's luscious wedding bouquet was in a cascade style which was perfect for her full gown, we included lots of English Garden flowers; Roses, Hydrangeas, Lily of the Valley, Bouvardia, Blackberries, Nerines, Viburnum, Thalaspi, Champagne Grass, Hosta, and lots of deliciously fragrant herbs.

The Registrar was wonderful I really enjoyed his "performance" as a celebrant
Kate and I really were in position "A" to see all of the action

Huge Congratulations to Emma & Chris and to both the Barlow & Bilsborough families
Lauren the lovely flower girl had fresh flowers in her hair as did our stunning Bride

Edward right on cue with the celebration drinks!

 The wedding breakfast was to be served in the conservatory where Dawn from Creative Cover Hire had done a great job of the chairs they looked wonderful

Emma wanted the tables to be dressed with opulent table designs, full and flamboyant created to fit the rather uniquely shaped tables at The Gibbon Bridge and to allow space on the tables for the all important tureens, the food here is quite simply amazing and although flowers are my number one priority, not leaving space for the food here would be quite honestly criminal!!!

Each centrepiece was detailed with lots of loveliness included, a plethora of Pale Pink and Green toned Roses, Bouvardia, Pale Green Dendrobium Orchids, Hydrangeas in varying shades of Pink & Green, Nerines, Alchemilla & Amaranthus, Sedum not to mention a selection of sweet scented herbs and luscious foliages.

I really was impressed with Emma's detailed place cards, so beautifully considered and put together.
The menu sounded delicious
The top table dressed with the Registrars arrangement looked splendid!

Each of the tables were named after Trees again so beautifully done

Our work here was done, we left the wedding in full flow of the family photographs!
Many thanks to The Barlow's and the Bilsborough's for choosing Fd Events to create their wedding flowers, we had the most brilliant time with you all!

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