Sky & Richard's Effortlessly Vintage Romance Wedding With a bit of Welly Wanging Thrown in for Good Measure at Mitton Hall

The flag was flying at Mitton Hall when we arrived, a heraldic welcome to all of Sky & Richard's guests, this was going to be such a romantic wedding day and we'd been looking forward to it for ages, there were lots of personal details throughout the day bits and pieces of Sky & Richards life together celebrated in the wonderful surroundings of Mitton Hall, I loved the images of their family home and the story of its restoration, the fabulous Hunter Welly takeover and so many more details which made the day truly their own.
So first delivery of the day the bridal bouquets to the Bride and her Bridesmaids

The full wedding bouquet carrying lesson, I do love this bit particularly when the bouquets are as glorious as these ones, they were all arranged in a very natural, hedgerow gathered style, with lots of seasonal grasses that seemed to dance and fresh fragrant herbs, tons of texture, I chose really tactile flowers and foliages, a celebration of the season really!!
Oh and they did look so wonderful with the Bridesmaids gowns.
I wrapped them all back up to keep them cool and headed off downstairs to the Ceremony Room to complete the decoration
The Ceremony was being held in the Brasserie, an elegantly decorated room with the most fabulous bay window a perfect spot for the Registrars Tables
On the main table itself we placed a lovely silver fruit bowl filled Champagne Grass, Roses, Stocks, Eryngium, Veronica, Nerines & Hydrangeas
Just by the door a pair of pearlised Hunter Wellies filled with Delphiniums, Echinops, Hydrangeas & Love in the Mist stood quite casually! The wellies were provided courtesy of "Out of the City"
This is such a heavenly, huge, sweet scented Rose "Norma Jean"
The backs of the chairs lining the aisle had posies of Norma Jean, Astilbe, Champagne Grass and lots more loveliness besides arranged into the voluptuous bows, Chair Dressing were supplied by the brilliant Dawn and her team from Creative Cover Hire

Roses are my favourite flower and Patience is my favourite Rose 
The Groom's Boutonniere of Champagne Grass, Lily of the Valley, fresh Rosemary, Love in the Mist and Hydrangea Florets, all bound with some silver bullion
Ollie's miniature Boutonniere a tiny White Evelyn Rose Bud with Alchemilla Mollis, Rosemary and Ivy leaves.
I found Rich our very handsome Bride Groom in the Conservatory (Note to self, need to do something radical with my hair!!)

The Best Man's Avalanche Boutonniere

The Hall was beginning to fill up nicely

The lovely Registrars had arrived, so the scene was well and truly set

Rich was looking a little more relaxed

Stuart's Amalia Rose matched his tie beautifully

Sky's fragrant wedding bouquet of fresh Lily of the Valley, Roses, Lavender, Nerines, Viburnum Berries, Snowberries, Thalaspi & Champagne Grass, Phlox and Hydrangeas

Zara was just the most perfect Flower Girl and carried her bouquet beautifully, this bouquet was very much a miniature version of the Brides Bouquet

Ollie was doing the very important job of giving away the Bride
Sky looked utterly breath taking, completely wonderful in her exquisite Suzanne Neville Gown "Amore"
The procession of Bride, Ollie and Bridesmaids seemed to float from the Conservatory to the Brasserie

How completely gorgeous!

The Bridesmaid's Bouquets looked so perfect with very pale green gowns, I loved how the shades of fresh flowers and all of the hedgerow materials working so elegantly together

The burden of responsibility was weighing heavily on young Ollie's shoulders, but he was so up to the task and did a magnificent job!

One of my photography heroes was the professional photographer of the day Jeff Ascough, he is a photography legend of the highest order!!!

Massive congratulations to the brand new Mr & Mrs McCann

"Dom Perignon",  need I say more?

The canap├ęs as ever looked delicious
More Wellies this time on the main bar, a pair of baby Hunters filled with Roses and Delphiniums
The Hunter Welly inspired seating plan

Each guest had a beautiful Avalanche Rose placed on their napkin

The table designs were a beautiful combination of high and low designs all in silver Baroque style adding to that classical elegant style that transcends all other genres and ensures a look of absolute elegance.
The silver candelabras were luscious and full to overflowing with English Roses, Stocks, Veronica, Brassica, Eryngium & Echinops, loads of fragrant herbs and grasses.
The wedding flower shades toned beautifully with the decor again ensuring a seriously cordinated look throughout.
Finally our silver candlesticks topped with elegant floral spheres completed the trio of table designs
As is always the case at Mitton Hall every table is laid expertly and looks immaculate a perfect backdrop for our flowers

The Cake was very simply dressed with Avalanche Roses, Thalaspi & Fresh Lily of the Valley that reflected the icing beading work beautifully

The Chair dressing posies from the ceremony were transferred into glass vases and used on the Conservatory Tables and windowsills in the Banqueting Room

The Top table was a rather unusual configuration with the Bride & Groom's places at the top of the rectangular table and the guests sat at right angles from them on either side, it looked lovely and appeared to be really sociable, two Silver Fruit Bowls adorned the centre of the table

The Stationery was simple, elegant and lovely, befitting of the style of wedding

The Menu sounded completely delicious!!
A beautifully simple Silver Candlestick design
The Mitton Hall Legend Dave!! and Jason

More Wellies filled with fresh flowers to welcome guests to The Wedding Breakfast
And some little Baby wellies in the Powder Room

More Wellies on the second Bar
Many, Many Thanks to Richard & Sky for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding Flowers, their day was a truly memorable one and we were so pleased to be a small part of it!

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