Vintage Spring Wedding Bouquet & Table Centrepiece

Vintage wedding bouquet in shades of Antique pink

 This Bridal Bouquet is in a clustered, textured style, it's extremely spherical reminiscent of "Topiaries" I created the design using a vast array of vintage Roses including "Bombastic", "Memory Lane", "Amnesia" and "Vendella" & an exquisite selection of Floribunda Roses, Spring Ranunculas, Skimmia Berries, Bouvardia, Classic Hydrangeas, Dianthus "Antique" and Wax Flower Blossom

The vintage table design created to accompany the wedding bouquet follows the same silhouette, a spherical design enhanced by the use of round forms, such as Roses, Dianthus and Hydrangeas, delicate foliages such as Thalaspi and Eucalyptus "Baby Blue" just breaking the edges creating the illusion of a larger fuller design, I love the tall silver candlestick adding to the "Vintage" vibe.

These images were taken at The Great Hall at Mains

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