Fabulous Autumnal Colour For Isobel & Andrew Pickering's Gibbon Bridge Wedding Day

I have been so excited about this wedding since Isobel & Andrew's very first meeting with us, way back when... the big day finally arrived, I think I'll start our floral tale from delivering the bridal bouquets to "Room 31" where a beautiful bride, six bridesmaids, a cute Flower Girl, a hairdresser, a make up artist, a mum, a florist and a photographer were all getting prepared for an incredible day...

The plan of course was to hold the ceremony in the famous Gibbon Bridge Band Stand set in the luscious and exquisite gardens, we had a team of six to set up the flowers for this wedding, our team were industrious from the break of day, we also had the little dilema of would the weather hold out for an out door wedding or would we need to move everything back up to the fabulous orangery!The Registrars garland getting it's finishing touches
Pinning on the Boutonnieres was our next task and with so many guests to do Sophie & I were positioned by the entrance so we didn't miss anyone
Our Filigree Boutonnieres are very special with lots of elaborate detailing, the design was created to reflect the swirls and curls on the Ushers waistcoat

The Groom's Mum's corsage of Stephanotis and Freesia


Andrew's very special Groom's Boutonniere complete with bejewelled heart

The Brides gorgeous parents

Celosia, Darcey Roses, Mango Callas, Berries all yummy scrummy and delicious

The pedestal designs on either side of the band stand were created to be a part of the scenery to blend into the gardens

Cornucopias of Moss and Galax overflowed with fresh flowers, fruits and berries

The steps were lined with lanterns and posies of fresh flowers

The photographer for the day was the very lovely and "gentlemanly" Martin Crombie I genuinley can't wait to see his work, it's going to be amazing!
The Bridesmaids looked so beautiful

And Isobel was quite simply "Stunning"

"The cat that got the cream"

The biggest of congratulations to the fabulous Isobel & Andrew Pickering

Fresh Rose Petal confetti

The beautiful Flower Girl's Pommander was one of my favourite designs on the day

I used the most incredible flower palette for the wedding bouquet: Cerise Phalaenopsis, Magenta Curcumas, Hot Chocolate Calla Lilies, Macarena Spray Roses, Mango and Captain Romance Calla Lilies, Leucaspernum, Gloriosa Rothschild, David Austin's Darcey, Poppy Seed Head, Madame Pompadour Dendrobium Orchids, Passion Flower Trails and so much more!

The delicious wedding cake was hand made and iced by The Bride's Mum, I finished it off with some fresh flowers, my efforts were completely overseen by the cake maker

The table centres were so luscious, with a three tier cake stand in the centre dripping with Curcuma Fruits, baby Pumpkins and Crab apples, Germinis, Roses, Calla Lilies and Gloriosa

On either side of the cake stand were two corncopias of moss overflowing with fresh flowers and fruits

The brilliant Banqueting Manager Richard with a plate full of magnificent canapes

The Top Table was groaning under the weight of fresh Orchids; Vanda, Phalaenopisis, Dendrobium and Scorpion.

This was such a magical day, we were so thrilled to be a part of it, many, many thanks to Isobel & Andrew for choosing Flower Design to style and create the flowers for this truly magnificent wedding day! xxxxxx

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